Contemplative Neuroscience internship

Contemplative Neuroscience & Integrative Medicine Internship/Volunteer Opportunity

The intern/volunteer will have the opportunity to gain exposure to aspects of contemplative science and integrative medicine research at the Contemplative Neuroscience & Integrative Medicine (CNIM) Lab.

On a given day the trainee may be involved in a variety of activities in the CNIM lab, such as those listed below, under appropriate supervision:

                                -Assisting with EEG testing

                               - Assisting with fMRI testing

                               - Assisting with behavioral testing

                               - Participant recruitment

                               - Attending lab meetings

                               - Data collection and analysis

Background in Psychology, Neuroscience, or a related field is recommended. 10+ hrs/week commitment is expected. Expected duration for training is 1+ years.

Course Credit is available for Vanderbilt Neuroscience Majors

Neuroscience 3851-2 (Independent Reading) 

Neuroscience 3860-2 (Introduction to Research)

To Apply:

please send cover letter and CV to: