Our approach


The Approach of our multi-pronged research program at the Contemplative Neuroscience & Integrative Medicine (CNIM) Laboratory at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and Osher Center for Integrative Medicine aims at utilizing rigorous mixed research methods of neuroscience, systems biology, clinical science, predictive computational modeling, behavioral and qualitative analyses to address integrative health priorities (Pain, stress, mental health, & other clinical symptoms, healthy behaviors, mechanisms, biological effects, interactions & safety) set forth by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health through the following programmatic research domains:

Basic Science

Testing and refining neurobiologically-informed systems-based models and associated mechanisms by which integrative mind-body health practices function to reduce clinical symptoms, improve well being, and cultivate a healthy mind and body across the lifespan

Clinical & Translational Science

The translation of rigorous basic science research into a holistic approach to patient care. This involves identifying and targeting select populations that can benefit from mindfulness-based and integrative medicine interventions through dismantling studies, pragmatic trials and randomized controlled clinical studies across patient populations, both cross-sectionally and longitudinally to test for safety, effectiveness, and optimization


Leveraging biosensor and stimulation technology in order to optimize contemporary tools for innovative delivery of integrative medicine via collaboration with hardware and software engineering, data and computational sciences

Education, Outreach & Curriculum Development

Training and optimization of mindfulness-based,  and other integrative mind-body health interventions through interdisciplinary collaborations with the humanities, physical and natural sciences, behavioral and social sciences. Group settings, one-on-one, or mobile app delivery formats are being rigorously tested to fit the most appropriate select populations and improve patient-centered, individualized approaches to treatment. Extending education and  outreach within the Vanderbilt University, greater Nashville community, and the public domain, the CNIM lab communicates evidence-based curriculum development, online platforms, and other initiatives intended to help disseminate and communicate research findings from the field of integrative medicine to the community with an interest in mind-body-brain health and wellness

NCCIH research priorities

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