What is contemplative science?

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What is contemplation and meditation?

Contemplation comes from the Latin, contemplatio and Greek, Theoria. The word, "Contemplation" often appears in the old Testament along with the word "meditation" and is seen in texts from all wisdom-based traditions and religions. Together, contemplation and meditation are most often described as any practice involving self-regulation of attention -  used for spiritual purposes or philosophical understanding of the mind.


Meditation is a translation for the word, Hāgâ in the Old Testament. It is also translated from the word, Melete (Grk) and Meditatio (Latin)

–Associated with thought, reflection, study, & contemplation

–Classical period (5th-8th CE): a general technique of focusing attention in a sustained fashion with the aim of deepening states of concentration, tranquility, and insight.

From Hindu-Vedanta and Buddhist perspectives, meditation has become the translation for the Sanskrit and Tibetan words, Dhyāna(Sanskrit); Bhavana (Sanskrit); sgoms (Tibetan) (~6th century BCE) meaning "cultivation of familiarity" with mind and "mental development" 

In contemporary settings - contemplation or contemplative practices can refer to a spectrum of volitional first-person experiences ranging from the rather common, uncultivated, spontaneous experiences of absorption in an activity - to philosophical inquiry into the nature of mind and the most profound, deliberately cultivated experiences of non-duality through meditation

In the most general sense, “contemplative neuroscience” refers to the Study of the underlying neurobiology, psychology, and phenomenology of human contemplative experience"

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